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Franklin Wall Solutions was founded in 2014 to fill a gap in the market. We cost-effectively drive marketing activities to build awareness, relevance, empathy and engagement between our client and their target audience, both on and offline.

Additionally, the proactive drive for the conversion of new business on behalf of our clients, means we can set up and manage an entire sales or marketing strategy from start to finish. If the requirement is more tactical, we offer dynamic sales training, lead generation or support creating professional sales proposals. 

Target. Engage. Close. Develop.

Our Managing Director and Founder, Jonathan Wall has more than 25 years of experience building business development campaigns with hundreds of clients, resulting in excess of £50 million of new sales, before selling his successful Sheffield-based business, Voice, to Capita and establishing Franklin Wall.

Our clients can be assured we have the track record, experience and skills to deliver them success.

The ethos of the business is to support our clients to achieve a competitive edge: maximising their on and offline marketing presence while super-charging them with our in-depth, business development experience to drive sustainable, new opportunities and direct sales into their businesses. 


Unlike other marketing and sales consultancies in the UK market, Franklin Wall offers a tactical and strategic sales AND marketing solution for clients of all sizes, that can be turned on and off to suit their needs, driven by people with huge experience and insight. 

It was this dynamic mix of experience, positive client support and value for money that in early 2017 saw Franklin Wall Solutions proud as punch to be chosen as UK National Marketing Partner for both the National Federation of Builders, as well as the House Builders Association and their members.



What do our clients want from us?

For many clients, Franklin Wall Solutions is their sales and marketing team. Huge experience but at a fraction of the cost of employing one.


For others, we are a tactical 'plug-in'. Some just want a website, others a complete brand review, or a full online marketing/communications strategy (blog, social, email, online groups). Some want prospecting data, while others require sales training or the set up of a lead generation programme. We can fine-tune your requirements to ensure you maximise your business opportunities and, therefore, your growth. 

We pride ourselves on being easy and cost-effective to work with.


We work through with our client what the best solution is to provide the marketing and/or sales requirements that will ultimately grow their bottom line, and then provide an outline of the solutions and competitive fees for delivering them.  

Whether it's a one-off requirement or a longer-term partnership such as Franklin Wall acting as your Virtual Business Development team or Virtual Marketing team, you can feel safe in the knowledge that, not only are you getting the service at a fraction of the cost of employing your own people, but you're also tapping into over 80 years of highly successful sales and marketing experience, across our Client Delivery eam.

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''We bring our clients a huge amount of dynamic and proactive resources, as well as over 80 years combined sales and marketing knowledge, at a fraction of the cost of employing a Sales and Marketing Director.

Why not start a trial with us and we'll help you stand out from the crowd and help bring in more sales."

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Jonathan Wall

Managing Director

Franklin Wall Solutions 

Businesses we help

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Franklin Wall is carefully structured to deliver support businesses at all stages of growth and across various industry sectors too.


However, the majority of our experience and success continues to centre around six sectors in particular; Insurance, Professional Services, Construction, Agencies, Finance and Business Services.


Take a look for further details on our work within these specialist sectors.


Some clients require a strategic partnership from Franklin Wall, where we operate as their virtual or interim Sales and Marketing Team at a fraction of the cost.


Others require a more tactical approach, for instance a lead generation process to be set up for them or prospect data etc.


The three main types of business we work with are Start-Ups, SMEs and Corporates.


We represent clients across B2B and B2C markets, as well as a wide variety of industry sectors too.


The marketing and sales generation expertise and experience within our team can be all yours.


At a fraction of the cost of employing similar calibre people on a full-time basis.

Even if we say it ourselves, we are actually rather nice to work with!


Supporting our clients to market themselves more effectively and additionally, helping to generate higher business development results, is incredibly enjoyable, as well as rewarding. Our team here have empathy with our clients because we have also started, built, run and sold businesses.


We've seen the difficulties and made the mistakes, as well as enjoyed the opportunities when we'd learned from them. Many years of experience brings each of us to that point.


So very quickly what our clients tell us, they feel a strong rapport with us because ultimately we are here to support and deliver results, not baggage the client with unnecessary services and costs.

Our philosophy is that by putting in the extra mile for our clients and delivering additional margin by way of increased business into their sales team, our client is sure to want to sustain the partnership. 

Once you've had a look at the areas of our site that most interest you, be sure to take in the numerous client testimonials we have added around our pages, so you're not having to just take our word for it!

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