Whilst for years we in marketing have feasted on reports telling us how many website visitors we've had, what they did and for how long....finally we can crucially understand WHY

One of those most logical and impactful marketing services that can be undertaken to help a business sell more, is to analyse it's competitors. What can we learn from them that they're doing well and that prospects are responding too and what do we avoid.  Franklin Wall have developed a unique tool for our clients to do just that, called the Online User-Experience Analysis Tool.

Predominantly the tool has been designed to understand and optimise the behaviour of customer prospects on our clients' websites. Tons of analytics tool exist to tell you how many visitors you've had, how long they've been on certain pages for etc etc....but nowhere did there exist a tool which told you why. Franklin Wall have created it: our Online User-Experience Analytics Tool.

The way it works is that score 5 Categories; Branding, Functionality, Usability, Content and Engagement (each broken down further into 5 sub-categories). In total there are 25 elements measured that affect the behaviour of a website visitor, each scored each out of 20. This is then repeated for the client's mobile site. 

In addition to the analysis undertaken on the client's websites (desktop and mobile) the process is then undertaken for 5 competitors in the UK, 5 in the USA (where online user-experiences are generally regarded as stronger than in the UK) and 5 Online Leaders (such as Apple, AA, Amazon, BMW etc). 

The results have been astounding for our clients.


The Online User-Experience Tool produces the raw data (example screenshot below), from which each and every category is analysed and presented diagrammatically in comparison to all of the other websites analysed and patterns immediately develop but so too critically, does it become crystal clear to the client which areas of their website are producing a poorer (or stronger of course) user experience compared to all of the other competitors analysed....PLUS of course how to put that right sits clearly within the areas of the competitors' websites that scored highest. 

What we have been able to do almost overnight for our clients, is identify precisely where they can improve the user experience of their website visitors, which in turn increases conversion to leads and sales. That has been the case every time.



As a £billion turnover business and hundreds of thousands of visitors to our website each year, optimising their user experience was a hugely important part to our engagement strategy, to help convert interested parties into customers.


FW Solutions delivered a piece of analysis that we'd never come across before, which was invaluable for my team to use to then swiftly and confidently make the changes we needed, where we needed them. 


The Online User Experience Analytics Tool provided incredible depth of insight into the reasons behind visitor behaviours and helped us immensely.

Katie Franklin

Group Head of Marketing & Communications

Keepmoat Limited

We present the results in a highly detailed, visually appealing package, together with the Recommendations report (further example screenshots below):

A unique website visitor behaviour analytics tool from Franklin Wall, providing incredible, tangible insight for the client, that delivers immediate results.

As with all of our Services, we personalise to deliver around your needs. It will NEVER be you/your team, needing to bend around how we operate.

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